Working From Home Is Not a Break from Work

Working from home has been wonderful for my family, but not the best situation for me.  There’s a tendency for people to think you’ve got lots of time on your hands, that what you’re doing doesn’t matter as much as a “real” job, or that I can take off when I want to.  I work at home, but not for myself.  Through a partnership with a non-profit agency, I’m on a special program that allows me to monitor aspects of the company’s work flow from home.  This gives me certain freedom, but not to the point I can sit at my desk in my pajamas.  There are as many face-to-face meetings during the day via Skype as there were when I had an office.  And folks “pop in” to ask me questions by email or text that I must answer right away.  Still, I’m grateful I don’t have to make the hour-long commute each way, that was making me crazy.

Working from home has allowed me to appreciate the uptick in online shopping.  I appreciate having the money saving power and convenience of Groupon now more than ever.  And I’m glad we decided to make our home a Samsung Smart home.  There are so many smart gadgets on the market today.  I can monitor my 3,500-square foot residence and the pool house, shed and paddock using my new Samsung Smart Home monitoring kit.  I can keep an eye out for the school bus so when the kids get home, I can make sure the little one gets off the bus when he’s supposed to, or quickly address the situation before he gets lost.  And no matter how late it is, I always feel safe knowing I have a security system that has eyes on vulnerable spots around the property.  And I can keep track of what my aging mother is doing so she won’t suffer another fall.  Getting the system installed was a smart thing for my husband to do.  He travels a lot and is always concerned about our safety.  With remote monitoring, we both can keep track on what going on, from monitoring water leaks to remotely locking doors, using the services of the Samsung Smart Home has been a great idea.

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