How much does divorces cost in Texas

Divorce can be a costly procedure. There are do it yourself divorces that cost less than the divorces that are do online or those which are conducted in a court room with the help of a lawyer. Also a divorce where one party does not cooperate can be a more costly. There is a factor of alimony. Divorces that involve child custody require the divorcee parents to donate money for that as well. The divorces that involve a lawyer are costly because a lawyer charges a lot. All in all divorce is a hectic as well a costly procedure.

The cost of a divorce in Texas

These are the points which will give you an idea about cost of divorce in Texas

  • A survey has been conducted and according to that survey the average cost of a Texas divorce is 15600 dollars which includes the fee of the attorney that is of 12400 dollars. This rate is 22% more than the national average of 12800 dollars where the attorney’s fee is 10000 dollars.
  • There is various on the amount charged by different lawyers per hour for the divorce process. The average rate is found to be 300 dollar but there might be a variation between 50 dollars and 350 dollars. The billing process of all lawyers are done by and hourly basis. The hourly pay includes the fee of paralegals and other staffs of the firm and the time that is spent on your divorce.
  • Apart from the fee of the attorney the other expenses of a Texas divorce includes court filling, mediation and also the cost of copying and serving each and every document related to the divorce. When you are looking for expert witness and Consultants on child custody or financial conditions then you might need to spend more money.
  • Cost of divorces here in Texas is also affected by the fact whether you have a kid or not. If you have a minor child then the price of the divorce may increase. The child custody raises the price of the divorce to 23500 dollars where the attorney alone charges 19800 dollars which much higher than a childless divorce in Texas.
  • If one has to go to the trial for their divorces then it is the most expensive kind of divorce. Since the fee of the lawyer will increase as they have to spend more time with your case.
  • A fault divorce is something a person files for divorce when his or her spouse has been part of adultery, insanity or long term incarceration. Also when one suffers from cruel treatment and abandonment from their spouses then they fill for divorce. These types of divorces also charge a lot as requires lot of paperwork. When the spouse who was involved in cheating has wasted a significant amount of money on a faff air then by the order of the court that person has to spend that amount to the other spouse in the divorce. To get a verified proof on the amount spend one may also hire a forensic accountant to do investment. This divorces are costly since you lawyer has to work with a private investigator.

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